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So let’s talk about life ,,the one that you have created for you to live in this world ,yaah you got it right ,,in fact life is what we have created ,,we are getting spineless in most of the situations ,,like if someone is harassing someone in front of us,we just don’t gather up all of our courage to speak out or take a stand at that very moment . that’s not the way to live it ,,what makes you capable ??money ?no ,not at all,,your thinking and doing methodology makes you capable of doing something,,money can be earned by a beggar by the end of the day,he somehow manages to collect up sufficient amount to survive,then what do you think what we must have in ourselves,,I think we should be having a sense of humanity above all,just learn to respect everyone out there,,that is the thing that sets us apart ,,but we,madly in our money and lavishness,sometimes refuse to consider some other ,a living being ,,wait ,,why this is so??why this is happening all around us,,and the world is watching ,if the specific no. of the humans are privileged,,and others have got nothing to do with their lives??is that really so??

Hope you will clarify my doubts in the comments?☺️



let me ask you ,what do you think what life is?well, life is all about finding yourself in most of the great men’s thought,after their success,but what i found out about it is ,what you create from your thoughts and behaviour,most certainly is defining the meaning of your life,when there happens something bad to our society or we can simplify it by saying the premises where we live at most of our time,,we are very much use to run away from the situations that seek our need at that point of time,we can’t just have that courage to speak up or to stand up at those situations ,,why what your morals and what your life has taught till time?if you are somehow not able to speak up against all the bad happenings around you in the society?

so welcome all,this is atul,from country called india,,this is my first blog ,love you ,if you are the one who is reading this,so let’s start with the first phase:


you know what, this world needs more good hearted living beings than those of the second ones,,with that expectation god has created us,when we take birth ,we are not known to all the bad things or cruelness of the world,because we used to remain in the security of our parents,,only parents in this world are the true saviour of yours,nothing else other than them,and on the other hand there are relatives and the living beings who somehow maintained themselves in the category of people ,you think are the wellwishers of yours,,hahaha they try to fool you ,while potraying this ,actually they are all selfish ,they have their own intrests with you and your family,and we slowly start to believe that they are like you ,,bravo,we are a family,but things not end here,you started growing and their real faces start reflecting to you more clearly,,till 5 you don’t realise what is good and bad for you,,you are innocent like hell,,everyone loves you or being more clear ,pretend to love you.